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Teemu Kaukoranta11:08:34

Can someone reply in this thread, I have an an unread message in an archived thread, so the Threads button is highlighted and I can't make it go away 😄


🙂 :thumbsup:


Talking about sw user-friendliness :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


recommended, concise, and excellent book (in paper...) on Functional JS and ES6?


I have been working through Rediscovering JavaScript. Its not exactly what I wanted (which would be: Javascript for Clojurists 😂 ) but it’s pretty good.

Vita Kolid16:08:52

1 idea!!! We all need to take freelance jobs for making websites, then implement them in Clojure and it gets more popular with time. Fun and profit!!! :male-factory-worker:

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Still only a proposal, but gets about time.


I’ve been following Kafka long enough that I can tell that that proposal is more of a plan, and people are probably implementing it right now.