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in case it’s of interest to this group: I recently published a typescript library that unifies communication across various javascript contexts like iframes / chrome extension background scripts / chrome extension content scripts:


is there already a #heartofclojure channel? I’d like to give some feedback on the website 🙂


@borkdude I'd say go ahead and create it and invite in some of the associated folks...


maybe @martinklepsch or @plexus would like to do the honors and “own” the channel


We’ve not yet created a channel as we’re still undecided what communication tool to use for the event. @borkdude you can send me your feedback here or via DM, whatever is easiest for you. There also is a github repo for the website where you can open issues. Any channel is fine :)


@martinklepsch yeah ok. every time I visit the site I have trouble finding when exactly the event is. It says “the community gathers at August 2”, but only at ordering a ticket I find it’s on the 2nd and 3rd of August.


I might have missed something, but that’s how I experienced it


Thanks, I’ll make sure that’s made clearer tomorrow