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I bought it and been reading it; it’s great, ty!


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@U04V70XH6 can we get this removed under the rules of this Slack?


Just for something completely off-topic, does anyone knows of a good place that rent motorcycles for foreigners in Belgium?


(well, not completely off-topic considering they Heart of Clojure will be there :))


"why false is false" ~ would hit number one on hacker news right now if anyone has an idea they want to push.


> why false is false what's that?


Mostly it's nonsense. There are about 3 "why x is false" headlines on hn right now


what would be an idea worth pushing?

Vincent Cantin18:05:08

Is there any Clojure Front end library which took advantage of the Hooks features of React, or which integrated its pattern somehow?

Lennart Buit18:05:30

Silly question, where does the convention come from to have a main in your source root

Lennart Buit18:05:30

ah its a maven convetion, huh