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Hi all! I’m doing a live stream on twitch every mon, wed, and friday 7:30am-8:30am. I’ll be tinkering around with clojure and trying to build out a twitch chat bot over the next few weeks. I’d love for other clojurists to join me!

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Vincent Cantin01:05:16

You might want to specify the time in the UTC timezone - Clojurians are from everywhere.


Oops, thanks, I meant to put the timezone … it’s 7:30-8:30am EST (U.S. East Coast Time), or 11:30am-12:30 UTC.

Chris Reyes12:05:43

Cool! Are there going to be stream recordings available? (That’s a little early for me in my timezone, but sounds interesting!)


Hi Chris, yep, just checkout my twitch channel and click videos, I think the video recordings are available for 30 days after the live stream.

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If I have time, I’ll let you know if I can do some streams in afternoon EST, because I’d love to have you hang out during the live stream.


The “big, 10,000 foot” plan is I’d love to build a channel where folks can all code together and just have fun experimenting with stuff. Building a chat bot is the first step, then adding ability for people to actually send clojure thru chat to the chat bot is the next step.

Chris Reyes03:05:13

Yeah, that definitely sounds exciting! I’m a relatively new hobbyist, so I love seeing how other people are coding and picking up ideas

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I’ve been playing with clojure over the past few years as a hobby and really enjoy it (and I’ve learned so much from the community). This is a personal development challenge I’ve set for myself to become better at programming, to become more comfortable in front of a camera, and also hopefully to give back to the community. If you’re interested, please stop by during a stream!


How do Clojurists offload work from the process? I'm thinking of Celery in Python-land. Is Quartz the equivalent in JVM-land?


Haven't used, but it seems a good approach that's lightweight


I don't like from byplay that it enqueues function calls, using positional parameters. That's essentially a bug waiting to happen as arities change over time... One might be able to reuse its code though, as the underlying implementation seems well thought-out.


Don't break your functions :) grow them

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Or don't pass parameters

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Personally I favor robust APIs over convention / best practices (unmistakeable vs mistakeable)


in generally offloading from the process is to some degree less common because the jvm doesn't have a gil

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for a lot of things you can just create new threads in the same process


There's the concern of retriability though... sometimes retries may succeed only after 6 hours (e.g. some API was down) so persistence is worth it


Yeah. An agent will do fine for most things I want to do but I need persistence, sometimes for easier retries, and sometimes to schedule things.


@U883WCP5Z Clojure ecosystem now has a reliable & persistent background processing library:


If you have a need for it, do give it a spin and ping in #goose for any issues or feature requests.


has anyone got vim running with overtone or fireplace. i am close to banging my head in the wall 😉


Haven't tried fireplace in a long long time, but where are you getting stuck?


Like are you able to start up a repl and evaluate code?