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I feel like “cause” is always a strong word. I don’t have time to read the article rn tho


A problem with the paper in question is that it assumes there is a requirements document,


I have some experience with IoT monitoring and I can assure you that that is not always the case


I think it does depend, but the point is that on average, it's about the same. The claim of DIE is that the bug gets exponentially harder to fix.


I don't think a lack of requirements dismisses the results, you just pay more attention to the defects introduced during the later stages.


My Ruby is pretty rusty. If I have a homebrew formula like this: How can I use the version variable in the string template of the download link from github?


#{version} didn’t do it


it seems it’s against the homebrew policy…


Hey, if you were to publish a Python-based web app and you had no money, what would you use?

Lennart Buit17:04:01

Free tier heroic? Maybe


(Will later hand it over to people who likely have their own hosting via academic resources, but I’d like to have something set up first where people can try it out_


+1 for heroku. Perhaps pythonanywhere too?

Lennart Buit17:04:04

Fighting autocorrect with programming related terms is always fun


… a heroic effort 😛 XD

Lennart Buit17:04:19

I tried, I want my participation medal


:medal: I hereby award you a “you tried!” star 😄


oh, cool, didn’t know about pythonanywhere


Yeah they have a nice niche. Used to work with them 10 years ago before they pivoted to this :)


Nice 🙂 What were they doing then?


Resolver One, a spreadsheet built on Python. IronPython, to be exact, on .NET. Sadly the financial crisis of 2008 killed the market...


aw 😞 interesting though, I’d have thought that nothing could challenge the excel/docs hold on spreadsheets


It was really cool tech! Could define your own “formulae” in Python, fetch things from the web etc.


I saw the description on wiki, must have been brilliant to use it for an actual programmer 🙂 Given I think spreadsheets are the best way to teach people programming, I’d have loved to use that


What are the privacy / IP concerns I should be watching out for when publishing on Heroku?

Lennart Buit19:04:42

In which sense?


Anything I should be aware of. I haven’t used it before, so I’m not sure if there are any known gotchas.


(Thinking more about future projects, if I wanted to start something commercial)


Given that heroku deployment asks you to push your commits to their repo, do you ever get a guarantee that they get deleted if you wanted to move away, for instance?

Lennart Buit19:04:06

Well you retain copyright on that source code

Lennart Buit19:04:15

So if anything, they cannot use it

Lennart Buit19:04:34

But; I am not sure, any third party you will use has their own terms

Lennart Buit19:04:57

Whether that’s aws, heroku or anything


(offtopic in offtopic, love that this exists: )

Lennart Buit19:04:06

That’s especially relevant when hosting sensitive data. With source code however, I don’t think it matters much ^^


Thanks 🙂 Yes, sensitive data is especially important given legal responsibilities, I’d not want to handle it myself

Lennart Buit19:04:27

Well sometimes you have to, given strict regulations.


what kind? I was thinking of credit card data and payment gateway integrations

Lennart Buit19:04:35

Sorry, I am not a lawyer. Before I start spewing nonsense, read the terms of Heroku

👍 8

I’m not treating this as a legal consultation, just checking for known gotchas and also was interested in what you meant by sensitive data. Anyway, cool.


thanks for the recommendations @lennart.buit and @orestis, I’m glad to have multiple options and now testing how things work 🙂

Lennart Buit20:04:40

Yeah it’s just, as soon as you start processing like financial or medical data, things get hairy real fast

Lennart Buit20:04:34

So I wouldn’t want to advise on that ^^


Yeah I’d keep well away without a lawyer :)