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Typing for the first time on a mechanical keyboard (compared to a few years on an “old” Macbook Pro keyboard). Is it normal to feel wrist pain? I haven’t felt wrist pain for a very very very long time…


wrist position? you might need something to put under your wrists


yeah it's typical either it's a low profile case or you need some kind of wrist rest


a wide book can be a good substitute if you don't have a proper wrist rest


personally I don't use one, the case is low'ish and I just don't rest my wrist on anything, my arms rest close to the elbows on the side of the table, essentially allowing me to type with "floating" hands kinda


You’re right, I’ve realized that I was resting my wrists on the laptop itself, but now I was actually floating my wrists.


In theory they are supposed to float to be straight at the wrist


@orestis I recently had wrist pain for the first time when learning emacs. I think all those combo key sequences were too much for my old self. I switched to evil mode and a Kinesis Advantage 2 keyboard. No longer have any issues with pain.


Switched to Kinesis Advantage 2 about 20 years ago, when I was experiencing tendon pain... Have been pain free since...


Cool! Have you customized your keyboard layout very much over the years? As a newbie, the only thing I’ve changed so far is switching the caps lock with the esc key.

Eric Ervin20:04:01

quiet weekday on here


Which one was it though? ;)


@orestis I have an identical experience. I can recommend the following keyboard:;ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_pd_title&amp;th=1 Short travel, mechanical, low profile.. best I found if you like the Mac laptop keyboards but want a mechanical one


Looks interesting! Is it a clicky one?


I actually do enjoy the MacBook keyboard (not the latest one, the previous model)


Same here, they screwed the pooch with the latest incarnation. It's clicky, but just a little, not loud like a lot of mechanical ones are


I’ll keep in mind, thanks!

hipster coder23:04:12

I used a wrist support. b12, methylcobolmain also helps