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Is there a Windows installer for openjdk 11? I can only find one for oracle jdk 11. AdoptOpenJDK don't have one yet.

Topi Kettunen11:02:36

Use Chocolatey


@topi.kettunen I'm not too familiar with that tool, will it modify PATH?

Topi Kettunen12:02:08

I believe that when installing Chocolatey it only adds Chocolatey

Topi Kettunen12:02:16

's own /bin folder to PATH

Denis G13:02:17

what is so cool about coroutines (In Python/Kotlin)? ain’t CSP/Actor model a better approach?


The cool thing about coroutines is they allow to implement green threads, which have a better memory footprint than system threads so you can have many more of them simultaneously on a single machine. It doesn't make much sense to compare coroutines with CSP or actors, because coroutines are low-level constructs, not a concurrency model per se. core.async's go macro actually uses a coroutine engine internally. What is interesting is to compare concurrency models.

Denis G14:02:20

thanks. that cleared some confusion. But still coroutines are building blocks for the new async/await approach (not C# approach with Futures). This is what I was intended to say. Comparing async/await with CSP, Actor

Daniel Hines16:02:01

I've been wondering about the comparison between CSP and async/await too. One difference is that channels in C#/JS, awaiting a Task/Promise is a one-shot, and building a pipeline for data requires extra constructs. Would you say that's accurate?


Yeah, seems like async/await is more about just rewriting imperative code flow into async flow. While CSP can do that but allows for more control of "data flow" using channels.