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Watching the maybe not video from conj


That scala screen and the face of Rich. Oh boy.


I'm hearing rumors of a "non-commercial use" clause in REBL. Is this true?


> You may not use REBL for commercial use.


@schmee: Thanks for link.


Now I am confused: 1. Doesn't Tim Baldridge work at the same company (Cognitect) as developers of REBL ? 2. Why are there no github responses? This seems very confusing.


1. I think he’s at Cisco now. 2. Everyone is still at the conj, as per Alex, so probably busy with other things?


I can confirm Tim Baldridge has worked at Cisco for at least a year, because Cisco bought the company Threatgrid that Tim worked at before Cisco bought it.


Also Alex said that his impression was that the the intention was for everyone to be able to use it, but wait for an official response to be 100% sure.


I guess in light of the recent "Open Source is no about you", I should just be patient 🙂.


The tool will be closed source from what I gathered here or... "free as in free beer". No source though


I can imagine if for example Amazon is going to provide a service based on the REBL they should pay for it.


isn't the tool a javaFX application that just uses in the right way the new datafy and nav? In that sense i expect something else similar (but better) to come out soon enough (in #clojurescript). After all we already have stuff like 😉

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My hunch was that what we saw today is more like a prototype, and they don't want people necessarily building upon that. But I'm not at the conj so i might be misunderstanding greatly


When I first found Clojure, I asked why weren’t there any more advanced graphical inspectors (more than what clojure.inspector), given how straightforward it is to fire up an in-process GUI. Glad to see that there are better ways than CIDER’s inspector (which does rock) to browse your data.


@helios If I recall correctly, I am pretty sure Stu Halloway said in his talk that he expects others to build cool things on top of these capabilities, too.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:11:50

@orestis note that rebl is not in-process as it connects remotely via prepl


Oh, I interpreted “REBL runs in your application JVM process, and can be used at dev-time without adding any runtime deps.” from the website. My meaning of in-process is that it doesn’t need to serialize all the data via JSON, stdio or whatever in order to show them, it can just access them in memory. Is that not accurate?


Bit of a pain to get REBL working on Windows -- I ended up using lein localrepo install REBL-0.9.108.jar com.cognitect/rebl 0.9.108 and then I can add it as a dependency in a project.clj file (since clj isn't available for Windows yet).


i got it working with maven (ew, i know) with

mvn install:install-file \
   -Dfile=/<downloadloaction>/REBL-0.9.108/REBL-0.9.108.jar \
   -DgroupId=com.cognitect \
   -DartifactId=rebl \
   -Dversion=0.9.108 \
   -Dpackaging=jar \
, just incase anyone is interested.


Then start a REPL, require the ns, and (cognitect.rebl/ui) to start it up.


And now I can start work on adding datafy/nav capability to java.jdbc!

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Hey @seancorfield could I pick your brains one of these days about a new Mongo wrapper design? Just to bounce some ideas around?


Sure, but I no longer use MongoDB (which is why I stepped down as maintainer of CongoMongo).


Yeah, I know - but I want to get your expertise on cursors, reducible queried, seqs and so on.


You can say no :) I’ll study Clojure.jdbc for inspiration anyway :)


Happy to help, if I can 🙂


Thanks! I’ll do my due diligence first and invite people to comment later. Thanks for all your hard work maintaining so many stuff for all of us.


Is REBL inspired on Pharo? It has a lot of similarities with the Pharo inspector


it certainly has a SmallTalk vibe. it feels like the kind of tool that Lisp weenies / ST curmudgeons have been telling stories about for decades 😛


Adding it a proper module browser and editor (like cloxp) and we will have a competent smalltalk environment in clojure


Seeing REBL got me interested in tracking down existing data exploration tools. This one is more "REPL hacker" friendly, but I'm hoping REBL catches on, and is pretty seamless to switch from code and back

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I had my first “WHOA!” moment with Clojure today. The REPL, SEXP transformations, and cider really just came together as I was able to move from writing code, to testing it, to turning that into an automated unit test in 1:20 min!


It's so nice! For maximum lazyness efficiency, use cider-eval-last-sexp-and-replace (`, e w`), on the tested fn itself to get the correct value for the is


the biggest benefit of coding with expressions, no need to spend a ton of time with specific syntax to add functionality to an expression.

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Ooh awesome tip! @U1UQEM078

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Also works in Atom 😉


That's super neat @jayzawrotny! What function was that that evaluated the current form and printed the result; that looked super helpful.


In spacemacs with cider connected to a REPL I used C-C which runs cider-eval-defun-at-point


Cool, thank you!