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I'm just momentarily floored when on my Mac I have Safari open with a few tabs, e.g. Gmail, Github, Slack, and some of them are taking 1 GB of RAM, and some 400MB of RAM, according to Activity Monitor.


speaking of, what the hfil happened with gmail


that thing just will not load anywhere for me now


their frontend is cripplingly heavy


Yeah, the update killed it for me, I still use my gmail address, but started using Spark as a client.


In case you haven't noticed it (it doesn't really stand out), when the page first loads, down at the bottom right there'll be a "Load basic HTML" link that gives you a lighter-weight version. & then you can set that as your default. The main version really is painfully heavy...


Google Inbox has had a similar issue recently. If I open it on my home laptop in the evenings, it'll load the contents, but none of the icons; it'll then spin on loading for ever and ever, and the UI remains unresponsive. Disk will be crunching as if it's working on stuff, but it never finishes. If I try again hours later, it'll work fine.


The fact that clojurians uses slack makes me a bit nervous


quote from the Elm slack