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does anybody know any good resources to learn HTML methodology and patterns?


there are so many resources for the basic syntax that its hard to find more intermediate topics, like how to take a design and translate it into a semantic markup that endures change


I've got a pretty good grasp of CSS patterns and fundamentals, but I'm just sitting here like "I guess I'll just make everything a div and style it later?"


good reference, thanks


make it a div and style it later is by no means an uncommon approach 🙂


If you rely more on classes to specify initial styles, it may let you adapt the types of tags later to be more semantically useful. If there's obvious semantic tags to use for a situation, might as well use them over divs, though. 🙂


ahh, I see, that makes sense. easier to iterate if you're not relying on the user agent styles


I also have a lot of doubts about how to structure my DOM Should I keep everything flat? Should I nest just to make easier CSS? is possible do this layout without nest?


I believe the guidance is: 1. Structure content with semantic tags when it makes sense to. 2. If no semantic tags apply, use semantic-less tags (e.g. div/span) as shallow as possible. 3. If you need nesting to allow the styling to function, then nest pragmatically.

dominicm08:08:13 harry roberts is pretty great at this


inside is a large number of references.