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…was it here that people talked about measuring how much/well they sleep?


was #clojure-uk

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…I bet you lack of sleep impairs memory recall as well XD

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makes a strong resolution to sleep more, for the n-th time


anyway, I’m amazed every time they discover yet another thing is impaired by sleep deprivation…


(though I do wish they stopped doing studies via mturk, that’s not exactly a random population sample)


my wife has sleep problems (vivid dreams cause her to wake up). 5mg of thc before bed makes a big difference. Too bad we're in a place without access to it these days. It's a matter of time before the world follows the lead of US (partially) and Canada (edit: and Uruguay, they're the real heroes) though.

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Uhm, the lead of US and Canada? You can get THC since many years in the netherlands in certified stores and in germany, while its "illegal" to sell its legal to have small amounts with you and its pretty accepted and you can basically get it anywhere.


It's not illegal to sell in the Netherlands, but it's illegal to have more than 5 gram with you, and to grow me than 5 plants. So they grow it hidden causing trouble, also with trading. Much rather would go to a shop that grows it self, like some states.


there have been stores operating in canada for a bunch of years too, but fair enough about the netherlands.


Coffeeshops exist since 1976 according to wikipedia 🙂 What I agree, theres much more publicity in the US becoming open to THC.