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Gig economy + containerization => You compile your code locally, then a guy comes over on a motorcycle, picks up your computer, and rides it over to Amazon.

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@alexmiller I was going to say you're up really late, but your profile says you're in the same TZ as me! On holiday?


Hello I want to study Natual language processing such as seq2seq or Doc2Vec. So I would like to use Clojure, Common Lisp, Hylang. Would you advise of each strength and which one is better?


yeah, anecdotally, I'd argue Clojure is more mature in the ML space than those other two. Not too familiar with Hylang though.


Hy is an interesting Lisp dialect. But I have no idea how mature is the interaction with Python libs...


oh, right, it's on python... That actually might be the shortest path, in the short term. I think Clojure, while not as mature as Python there, has the most room for growth though in the ML space.


You can cheat in Clojure too, by directly using mature Java libs like Apache OpenNLP or Stanford CoreNLP


Right. And Carin Meier recently wrapped mxnet which got picked up by the apache foundation, which is what Amazon has blessed off on for their datacenter


Woah, very cool. Are there any other Clojure projects adopted by the Apache Foundation?


I believe Nathan Marz's Storm got picked up by Apache after it lived at Twitter for a while


Thanks your research! I saw it using NLTK using Hylang, but probably thought that writing with Python would be more efficient. I think I'll start with using Deeplearning 4j at Clojure.


Nice, my buddy/colleague actually wrote that wrapper:

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Thank you, I will refer you.