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FYI: a new entry is live on A new entry is live on Petrus Theron Immediate BEng Electronic Engineer w/Comp. Sci consulting on Clojure, ClojureScript, Datomic


@bherrmann First time seeing this site. Did it help anyone get hired yet ?


I might be making this up but I vaguely remember hearing in a Rich Hickey talk that all AWS apis were specified according to some machine readable schema or description or something. Does anyone know if this is true and where to find these "schemas"?


I don't remember that talk but if you are not aware, amazonica very cleverly uses reflection to provide an essentially complete wrapper around the apis with very little code. And I believe there are swagger specs around, the go sdk has a tree of models:


cool thanks!


Possibly he was referring to CloudFormation, which basically lets you specify AWS infrastructure in a (massive) JSON file. They use it for datomic setup on AWS.

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@U064UGEUQ you might want to check out > it’s a pure Clojure, spec-based implementation generated from machine-readable API specifications provided by Amazon.


very cool, thanks!


@smnplk I'm not certain, I dont actually collect any information.... I presume it is useful, it ranks high in google's search... when searching for "clojure consultants" ... I should followup with the consultants listed and verify that (1) they are still actively looking (2) that the site has helped...

bherrmann14:07:15 is over a year old... I vaguely recall two instances where I was speaking/corresponding with people who found me through the site.... So it isnt white hot or anything... but my entry might not be a big draw...


Hey, anybody here develop on Windows? I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to share git credentials between WSL git, "git for windows" bash, and IntelliJ


I use WSL and "git for windows" and think I just use SSH with two separate keys.


If you have a Mac running OSX/macOS, and you have Microsoft Office installed on it, and are interested in helping collect some test results for a possible bug with Spotlight's ability to search for words inside of Word document contents, please see the test sequence instructions at this link and let me know what you find: Comments/questions/clarifications on that document are welcome, if it is unclear.