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weird that macos doesnt have decent serial usb drivers, usb programming is actually pretty straightforward on macos unlike windows.


Is it possible that you have a Chinese clone that uses a cheaper Chinese-made USB-Serial chip? This happened to me once before, try reading the number off the serial chip on board...


I'm looking for robust e-commerce platforms that are not written in PHP. Anybody?


I'm working on this but I'm not quite there yet


contributions welcome


(btw it's not abandoned, I'm working on the Prestashop importer with Onyx, which is nearly done)

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Something like Shopify, Magento, etc.


Doesn't matter if it is low or high level in terms of customization, but should have approximate feature parity.


And a word of warning: I worked a few years with IBM WebSphere Commerce and that was the most painful period in my life.


ARGH. This brought me terrible flashbacks… graveyard of bad technologies. ejb1.1, struts, dojo, flash just to mention a few.. + all the IBM proprietary crap. Hours and hours of debugging through all the accumulated layers of “new features” and “design decisions” over the past 20 years. They apparently never removed anything from the beast, just kept adding new layers. There was not a single automated test to help you. And the documentation.. There were thousands of pages of it but they’d managed to write it so that it only helps if you already know what the problem is and where to look for the answer. The search is so bad, I’m sure they invented Watson to be able to find anything in the first place.


I’m so happy now that I’m doing Clojure & ClojureScript. ❤️ Thanks guys for all this awesome tech and atmosphere.


When Rich was talking about accretion he was really talking about IBM WebSphere


@akiroz I’m using an Italian board. It says made in Italy. @roklenarcic I’m afraid that won’t help since the host OS still has to provide the driver to recognize the device?


Not sure if that's true. Virtualbox provides access to USB to hosted OS, the actual driver would be the linux driver inside the VM


@roklenarcic I gotta try that then


I have an Arduino Uno compatible microcontroller now that works with my Mac. parrot


nodecmu + fennel lang is a nice combo if you're into this stuff

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Super cheap as well


@mpenet I had a problem with some other cheap Arduino-clone boards that my Mac did not recognize via USB


Luckily an electronic shop in town offered me to test it before I bought one