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Hello clojurians. ❤️ My new app is launching soon, and I'd like to invite you to get early access! Here’s what it’s all about: Asking “Does ANYONE ... ?” to wide audience doesn’t always get you much. Asking “Do YOU … ?” to the right person does. 💥 SELECT lets you share selectively, based on the context of your relationships, and start simultaneous personal conversations on the fly. We’re changing how people share. :thinking_face: No impersonal distractions. No exposure to outside eyes. Just powerful, personalized, private social sharing to the right people every time. I’d love to hear your feedback, and hope to see you on the wait-list: 👏:skin-tone-3:


Can't speak for anyone else, but I'll never sign up for something, beta or no, without a much more extensive understanding of how it works. I suggest prioritizing getting some documentation up 🙂


@U077BEWNQ Can't win em all! Thanks for the tip! 👍


@bronsa any chance your papers with love talk was recorded?


it will be


it’s next week :)


they usually put the videos out next day


oh it hasn't happened yet. i saw it on twitter and i thought it was the other day


I still haven’t written the talk

joelsanchez18:03:40 according to this "article", Clojure has low community engagement and a worse job market than Haskell and Coffeescript


they should join clojurians...


both swift and objective c are on that list


somehow I doubt their metrics


It's a interesting to see their metrics though. The community is alive and well here. But it's dropped of in almost every other area: StackOverflow (never was strong), Reddit, mailing lists, IRC. All the public, non-invite places.


You need constant noise to get more people involved, or over time you'll end up with a language mostly used by people who got into it 5+ years ago.


We can say "they should have included Slack in the metric". But that hides the problem...if all the stuff is happening in Slack, how are new programmers going to find us?


I’ve been on Clojurians for a while now but have mainly lurked because I don’t feel I have the experience or skill to contribute to a lot of the conversations happening. I’d be interested in how someone in my position, with a passion for the language but lack of technical skill to facilitate things like building more beginner friendly tools, could help in addressing this


TLDR: are there any community outreach ideas/efforts for jr-mid level Clojurians to reach out to other newbie/jr devs who might be interested


Hi Jack! Looks like your question might have gotten lost in the shuffle, sorry about that. I highly recommend posting the same question on, that's been a center lately for folks wanting to help make clj/s more beginner-friendly. Or if you're not comfortable posting there (since you've been being lurky), I can try to help you find some existing resources. IIRC there have been some good threads there already on related topics. Always happy to have more folks working on that flavor of stuff, and happy to help you find ways to plug in 🙂 (caveat -- I don't always see slack responses on clojurians, so feel free to PM or hit me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> if you want to talk about it further)


Also you're probably already aware, but #beginners is an extremely friendly place to post any sort of beginner-ish questions or discussion.


Hey, thanks so for this response I’m just now seeing it! Planning on digging into clojureverse and maybe reaching out to you via email as well!


Aren’t the Slack logs publicly available?


kindof, but that's somewhat the same problem. You have to know about the Slack in order to know that the logs exist.


So the "social media" footprint of the language still remains quite small.


Heh even twitter is pretty low-volume.


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So we’re kind of a closed cult… a friendly cult, but still 😉


@drewverlee the way you fix that if you're not in the top 3 is to troll enough that you hit the major news sources: