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I'm writing a wrapper around an api. A user passes requests, which are just clojure maps, to my api client. From there there are a few steps: 1) the values of these (potentially nested) maps are updated to be translated/coerced to something the native api will understand. For example, the api takes dates in string form, so this step would look like: {:event-id :my-lib/get-data :my-data/date #inst 2018 :nested {:my-number 23}} => {:event-id "get-data" :my-data/date "2018" :nested {:my-number 23}} 2) Next i need to select values from the request map to get an ordered list to pass to the native api. again the request map is potentially nested but this step should result in a flat list. So: {:event-id "get-data" :my-data/date "2018" :nested {:my-number 23}} => ["get-data" "2018" 23] The question is what do I name these steps and/or the intermediate representations? So far I've just been using "tokens" to refer to the "half translated" maps of keywords => native vals. and "untokenize" as the function that takes the tokens map and turns it into the list. Something seems off about this though. Anyone have any suggestions?


Perhaps exterior-map and api-map? Or outside and inside maps? Or just name them by the names of the layers above and below your layer, e.g. foo-map and bar-map?