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anyone here joining the 34C3 tomorrow?


thats funny


Uh, I see, they have my password too, its 12345


these poor maintainers are going to get so many annoying copycat pull requests, RIP danielmiessler’s sanity


pretty amazing how open source manages to beat the humor / patience out of anyone


heh at least the PR thread is fun, the HackerNews thread about it is a graveyard of humourlessness


any joke that happens in public on the internet with a low barrier for contribution turns into absolute garbage 99.9% of the time


the turnaround from “witty” to “tedious” is measurable in minutes


how does clojurians slack avoid this, do the mods proactively ban people ?


maybe we aren’t high enough profile to be a trolling target yet? but you need an authorized account that can easily be taken away and the mods need to approve any future sign up


which avoids the most common trick of creating throw away accounts to avoid accountability


can't you just sign up with multiple throw away gmail addrs ?


for example requires a $5 signup fee (and will cancel or mute your account and refund your money if you act like a dumbass and/or jerk) which is enough to keep most of the nonsense at bay


metafilter! one of my favorite places on the web. and probably the best-moderated place anywhere online.


yes - but that’s a higher barrier to entry, and with my experience as an admin you get all-too-familiar with the pattern where you ban someone and get a new signup within the hour


when you are hand-approving each signup, they troll has to put in some effort for things not to be obvious, and it’s usually not enough fun trolling for the planning and effort to be worth all that


of course a sufficiently motivated troll with long term planning skills and self control could still pull a lot of shit - but if they had motivation and long term planning and self control, they probably have more constructive things to do with their time compared to trolling 😄


then again, good trolling that shows long term planning and self control and execution is high art and should be allowed a pass in moderation


This, this is how I have slipped past their filters.


It could also be a function of the amount of user activity. The C++ slack tends to get close to entering trolling territory from time to time, but people are good enough to move to off-topic if it gets too out of hand usually.


the clojure slack on the other hand — your bad joke might not get a response for a couple hours and you’ll think twice about doing it again 😉


Folks are pretty self-policing here. If there is trolling and one of us admins misses it, it's a near surety that someone will DM an admin to go take a look.


The most common bans are for spamming rather than trolling. A couple of people have been privately cautioned in the past for being... unnecessarily provocative... And we can always point people at the Code of Conduct (which the Clojure community seems pretty good at observing since it also governs most of the conferences too).


And Rich has been fairly public about wanting people to "be nice" and has taken some folks to task on the main mailing list for being less than nice. So we have a role model there.


the rate of messages is definitely a factor, usually the worst cases of good jokes spiraling out of control happen when people bandwagon on a joke in the first few minutes


also UI can be a factor there - some sites can display things so that it’s easy to see the actually funny thing, and respond with your “original reaction” without seeing that 500 people said the same thing already


classic example is slashdot, where the cliche / lazy replies were downvoted and hidden thus removing negative feedback that might discourage them


are there any moderately safe languages that compile down to the Ethereum VM ?