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@ericnormand As you said in your tweets, people really think Clojure/ClojureSript is not a serious competitor


"Last year I had another look at ClojureScript and it felt like a ghost town"... hard when you see all the amazing work that community did


@romain funny. it's totally not a ghost town!


we just don't have a million half-baked solutions to buzz about


definitely not a GT. I wish though that some projects -which are in fact alive- delivered fixes/features more quickly - if at all. one always can propose PRs of course, but sometimes one is too busy (just like the authors, one must admit) I hope this changes positively with - I'd encourage you all to consider contributing. I believe that by butterfly/domino effect, even a slight increase in project activity could result in a much healthier ecosystem in the long term. and that, in return, would cause more clj(s) jobs to exist, which would in turn benefit the community. and so on... 🙂