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i was really hoping I could rip together a simple webapp based on tutorials instead of the usual go-to of manpages, specs, and stackoverflow for my typical c++ work. But it seems that web development is basically a hellscape of pages like this one:


I think we're long past the era where web apps were simple... sadly 🙁


yeah, i think i’m getting that impression. I’ve built media servers and video conferencing systems and scalable distributed media systems but for the life of me I have no idea how to write this damn web app lol.


that unfurling is nasty


the font they use in the code samples really is something special


How to find unused artifacts in my project? I know that "there is no how to exactly find out", but there is any tool to help on work?


screw it i’ll just use jquery and if this thing makes money i’ll hire someone to rewrite the damn frontend


Generating HTML web pages on the server with a templating library like Selmer is pretty straightforward. Doing anything JS-related on the front end or a full-on SPA... well, that's a different story 🙂


last time i did full-on web dev was in the mid-late 2000's and it was mind-numbing, so i can understand the draw of complexity heh


to be fair though the apps these days are doing a lot more than they did back then


still, even OS gui apis are easier to use 😛


at least with {insert fotm api microsoft is insisting everyone uses} I can have a demo app up and running basically instantly and plug away from there heh


@jgh At 55, after 35+ years in professional software development, I suspect I'm ahead of you there 🙂


(and, perhaps, for some of your C++ woes, you can blame me as I was on the C++ Standards Committee for eight years during the 90's... and secretary of it for three years! 🙂 )


@seancorfield That’s super cool! Although I have to admit modern c++ is much nicer 😉 (although std::optional<std::reference_wrapper<T>> gets me every time)


STL was a big part of what we worked on in the '90's!


Namespaces, template specialization, the template compilation model in general... That was our "fun stuff" back than... If you want an interesting bit of C++ history, check out Overload magazine from the ACCU! This was my last editorial in '97 as Java was just a "baby"...


may i never have to see a compiler error from a boost template again


boost template = reason I stopped using C++


C++ is a pretty neat Pitfall Oriented Programming language


I'm trying to use jmdns, but I already have avahi-daemon running on my laptop. This results in me getting a "address already in use" exception. Am I doing something wrong, or is this expected?


I want to register a service, rather than search for them.