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@qqq that would be awesome


Hi guys, not 100% related to clojure, but my friends and I just created Enso, a tool for web uptime monitoring. After facing some issues with clients in the past whose sites were inaccessible (causing major issues in the pipeline) we thought we’d create something for ourselves. We hope you find it useful too simple_smile If you can give us feedback we'd appreciate it too. If you'd like to continue using Enso, (and to show love to the community) we have a special discount code for 50% - simply use the promo code CLOJURE when selecting the right subscription plan for you. Thank you all and have a good day!

New To Clojure19:12:11

Do you know any web Clojure REPL which can evaluate and can be used for sharing snippets of Clojure code?

New To Clojure19:12:32

I tried but it works only in some browsers.

New To Clojure19:12:19

@qqq That's CLJS unfortunately. Thanks in any case!


@ghsgd2 :oh wait, why can't you use "boot repl, lein repl" or any emacs plugin ?

New To Clojure19:12:54

@qqq But I can't provide them to guy in other country. That assumes that he/she has lein repl on machine. It would be convenient to have gist with built-in online REPL.


@ghsgd2 If you're sharing Clojure with them, I would assume they're a developer and if they're doing anything with Clojure they're guaranteed to have a REPL tool of some sort installed locally, no?

New To Clojure20:12:58

@seancorfield Yeah, seems so. Just a neat idea. For Java there are even online IDEs (


There used to be an online Clojure REPL at but it's gone now 😞


I realise it's cljs, but it's a very cool project

New To Clojure21:12:32

@seancorfield Tried Atom with Proto-repl.

Refresh Warning: IllegalArgumentException No such namespace:  clojure.lang.Var.find (

(+ 1 2)
3(+ 3 4)
It actually reorders text in REPL so evaluated expressions go above user=> and results go below. And on top of that it adds --------- after results. Emacs is better. 🙂 And I'm even not talking about 5 times higher memory usage 🙂


FWIW, I have never seen that behavior.

New To Clojure21:12:48

@seancorfield Your mileage may vary. I thought that's it's standard behavior. 🙂


I suspect you have something wrong with your setup. I'd also strongly recommend turning off the three "refresh" options in the proto-repl settings page, if you choose to try it again.

New To Clojure22:12:05

@seancorfield It's just default Atom 1.23.1 x64 with latest proto-repl 1.2.22. I also added (after you said that I have something wrong with setup) latest ink 0.7.11 and turned off refreshes. It haven't changed much and the issue above is still reproducible.

New To Clojure22:12:58

Thank you, @seancorfield, for advises through.


Weird. Definitely broken behavior. Most folks follow the author's recommended setup: (modulo the three "refresh" options) but I'm not sure what parts of that would fix the behavior you're seeing. Oh well, if you decide to have another go at it in the future, there's a #protorepl channel and folks there could probably help debug it for you.

New To Clojure22:12:14

@seancorfield Thank you again for such detailed posts! I might try that a bit later.


@ghsgd2 there is also for a quick online repl

New To Clojure17:12:13

Thank you, @U0ALP2929! It doesn't work in my browser though.


Hm. not working for me either right now. But I’ve used it in the past, even from mobile and it worked fine.


wait - it started working now for me @ghsgd2

New To Clojure21:12:34

On the positive side it's configuration GUI is quite neat.

New To Clojure21:12:36 >

> time hello-native
hello, native!

real 0m0.005s
user 0m0.002s
sys 0m0.002s


Scala will probably forever beat Clojure in startup time. For long-running server processes, it doesn't matter. For command line tools used from the shell, sure.


I would like to see Clojure on Graal/Truffle + SubstrateVM, could probably be right up there with Scala Native in terms of startup time!