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I'm getting calls from recruiters from uk everyday (that's not the problem, I put my CV on monster), but I'm having a lot of trouble understanding their British accents in addition to the phone call's distortion (I'm french).


I think I'm going to tell something at the beginning like: "Sorry, could you speak slowly, I still have trouble understanding the british accent in addition to the call distortion".


If someone can improve the wording of that phrase I'd be thankful


As a Brit that looks good to me, any recruiter worth their sauce will understand and comply :thumbsup:


Thanks @U678P5US3, I'll go with that then.


aurora serverless sounds mazing


… Does anybody here have experience with: (a) doing Time Machine backups to a NAS, and (b) syncing that NAS to a service like Backblaze B2? Would you say it “just works”? Because I can imagine all sorts of situations where either the time machine data or the synced data in the cloud is incomplete. I suppose Apple will shrug and direct me to use iCloud.


aws re-invent = worst nightmare of startup founders day N-1 = start up is doing great day N+1 = oh shit, AWS just released our company as a SaaS


They released a whole suite of media services last week that completely envelops most of the major responsibilities of one of our old clients. Not a small name, either; but that's probably for the best, given how horrendous their engineering culture was


It's insane what Route53 / CloudFront / S3 / Lambda / Aurora / DynamoDb / ... does. In the past, it's "I'm building this on Linux + x86" Now, it's "I'm building this on Java + Cloud API" AWS could literally rip out the underlying services, replace Linux/x86 with AmazonOS/AmazonChip ... and I wouldn't even notice the difference.


Hi... is job in USA hard? Green card for immigrants