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TIL, I can evaluate my midje test forms in the REPL in the blink of an eye, without the need to run them from the command line which takes too many seconds for the sake of my sanity!


This workflow is just as fast as the one I'm used to in Go


@zignd Yes, you can do everything from the REPL… One of the first things new developers should learn, as restarting a JVM to run some Clojure will put many people off because of the startup time


@borkdude i completely agree with you, at some point it started to pain me the fact i would have to wait that long to experiment with a small change in my code, i started to execute parts of my unit tests in the REPL then for a mistake i evaluated the whole file and boom, midje outputs the test results for me. it got me happy xD


Even plain clojure.test has run-all-tests


@zignd I just debugged a situation at our staging environment by tunneling a REPL to my localhost and then connecting to it from my Emacs


@borkdude that's something i still have to try xD


@borkdude I actually run an nrepl server as part of the component system for every service my company has. They listen on localhost and let us ssh and port foward localhost so we can debug issues (or run one-off things) in qa and prod as necessary


yes, that’s very nice


we also have some nice tooling that lets us say devops nrepl environment:service


and sets up the tunnels for us


via consulting our service directory for host information

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)15:11:57

Not sure where to put this, but is anyone else having issues with Clojureverse’s confirmation email? I’ve requested it several times and it’s not appearing. I know it’s not the email address itself. Paging @martinklepsch @thheller @plexus ?


@kingmob I’m not sure what’s going on there but send me your email over DM and I can try to activate your account manually