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My suggestion would be to look into React Native or a PWA. Yes, other platforms like cordova, ionic, xamarin etc exist and can be good solution, but based on my personal experience and the level of community support, RN and PWA are your best options going forward.


Regarding resources: both of these options have a ton of books, video courses and articles written online so you should not find it too difficult to find the resources you are looking for.


There is other languages with the concept of :keyword?


@souenzzo I guess enums is a close match, or erlang atoms


@souenzzo ruby has a very similar thing called a “symbol”


general question: what is a good guide for tablet ui ? one concrete question: on webpages, we can indicate something to be 'clickable' by adding an hover css tag that changes the color -- how are similar / related things done on tablets ?


@qqq underlines, blue text & making it stand out. Hover really provides more of a feedback than it does indication of clickable.


@dominicm: I agree with the examples you mentioned. Do you know of a good book / article on this? I'm hoping to get all the advice at once instead of learning it piece by piece.


None that I've ever read.


not tablet-specific, but The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman is a great book on design @qqq


@sundarj: I've heard of that book; but I'm really looking for tablet specific css/js tricks.