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@seancorfield thanks. was a worthwhile read


Oh, that’s handy! I’ve been just making symbolic links from eg ~/.bashrc -> ~/dotfiles/.bashrc, but it’d be nice to not have to do it manually on each new machine.


I use homemaker for this


I recently saw an annoucement for clojure academy. I don't know if I remember the name correctly, but it was supposed to be like codeacademy for clojure but I can't seem to find the site now.

Drew Verlee19:10:43

Any examples of for other languages? Ruby, Java, etc…?


Hi, i'm a beginner in the land of Clojure, i've read a couple of books about Clojure, and i decided to contribute to a project, i chose leiningen, but after days of reading through the source code i couldn't get the big picture, can you give me some advice, or suggest smaller projects? thank you


@ichigo have you looked at their issue tracker? they have things tagged as appropriate to new contributers


and it’s definitely the most accessible project for people just getting started and wanting to contribute (though there’s also the possibility of contributing to docs, which many projects would likely welcome - even just documentation strings on their functions)


yes i did, but i thought that i should understand the code base first !


yeah, there’s only a few people who understand most of the lein codebase - maybe just one…


oh i see, i think that starting with documentation will be a good start , to get some confidence at least


well, thank you for your answers 🙂