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I’m sure if you were to look at how Siri works, or even google search, there’s some kind of human language -> formal language thing going on. But I’m not sure you’d really want to program a web app by describing its algorithms in plain English.


Siri was an old SRI project (named Iris ...) which 'bag of word' bot technology. Maybe that has changed. Certainly the rise of RNNs in this area in the last few years is remarkable.


is there a nice way to convert djvu to images with java/clojure? from googling around, it seems like there are some patent issues, and as a result, the . only available tool is sjdulibre


Hi everybody maybe someone can help me with this question ( is not Clojure thing but I’m desperate, almost stuck 2 weeks on the error. 😕


@qqq You should have a look at this: This is a particular area of application of various types of memory augmented RNNs (LSTM being the most commong /well known)


is there a way to start all services in homebrew?


like a brew services start * ?


brew services run|start|stop|restart --all


any iterm users here notice fonts getting terrible with the newest update?