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is there a word for "self cannibalize" ? as in when innovation in a market drives all margins in the market to 0 and the market basically eats itself ?


i thought the word for that was self-cannibalize

Jarrod Davis18:09:55

I though “self-cannabalize” meant making a product that cannabalizes one of your other products. I’ve heard for example that the iPad “cannabalized” Mac sales.


you could use "auto" for self to dress it up a bit but that's essentially the term

Jarrod Davis18:09:16

Not sure what the term would be on an industry or market level.


what word would one use to describe "programmer writing program that writes programs" ? possible words that comes to mind are * suicide: since programmer is eliminating programming jobs * compiler writer: since a compiler essentially is a program that writes programs but I feel like neither properly captures this notion


Compiler engineer :)


the word compiler doesn't capture the notion of AGI eating programming jobs


compilers do: formal language -> formal language


It was kind of a joke, hence the :)


I'm trying to capture: "write me a program that does FOO using libary BAR" -> clojure program


@mpenet: or, you are an AI that writes programs, trying to pretend to be human, via humor 🙂


here's a crazy thought: compilers: formal language -> formal language statistical translation: human language -> human language so it's kind of surprising that no one has really successfully done "human language -> formal language"


and even if it was somewhat buggy, it would still be fine -- human programmers have set the bar rather low