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souenzzo13:09:10 Anyone already using? Memory/CPU improvements? #datomic compatible?


@firesofmay this is a kickstarter to bring magit into other editors?


no > I love working on Magit and would enjoy nothing more than being able to do so for another year — or more. Magit and I are at a crossroad — either I can step up my game or I have to very significantly reduce my involvement in the project. Magit is still far from fulfilling its potential and now I need your help to get it there.


and there's a section wanting to make it easier for non-emacs users by providing simple init files to get them up and running in magit without knowing a bunch of emacs


so its as much about patronage of magit as it is bringing it elsewhere


i think its solely about patronage and not at all about bringing it elsewhere?


I guess I totally misunderstood the kickstarter post hahah


It has some mention about refactoring into it's own lib that's useful for other authors.


just got jt added to homebrew, which might interest you if you do a lot with json in shell


is there a way in cljc to do 'math ceiling' function without calling #?(:cljs ... :clj ...) ?