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i just acquired some freelance work to make an android app-- i'm happy with the agreed upon price and know how to make the software, but i'm unsure about how we will actually exchange one for the other. Is there third party service that facilitates this kind of exchange?


there should be a wiki on how to convince your boss to switch to clojure/clojurescript.


I nearly had some luck with just rebuilding the service in clojure and being like "look; just look how simple this is now"


Built a feed xml/json feed aggregator in Go; and my god EVERYTHING (dev-wise) was better in Clojure


I just-do-it and didn't tell anyone (it's a one-off program anyway), no one noticed it is written in clojure


We had a hard problem that various engineers had failed to solve satisfactorily when I joined. My first attempt was in Scala which "worked" but had some issues due to memory leaks in the built-in actors (back in 2.7/2.8). So I rewrote it in Clojure as an experiment -- and that stuck... back in 2011. Clojure became our primary language a year or two back and all new projects have been built with it since. Because we were able to show speed to market and flexibility for maintenance.


We went to production with 1.3 Alpha 7 or 8 back then. We have 1.9 Alpha 18 in production right now. We have close to 50K lines of production Clojure and just over 15K lines of tests.


Can I join your company ?


@U5NMX95UJ 😸 We're not hiring right now but I post job openings on this Slack when we are!


Our boss came to us and said "So, I've been toying with a new approach using microservices and this lisp-alike called Clojure"


And we ran from there


wow, your boss rocks 😄

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Well i haven’t read the article yet, but i would be curious how their measuring growth. Given its SO, i’m worried their looking at SO questions as a proxy for growth.