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tfw you start putting your colons in front of JS object keys {:foo 😛


tfw you haven't written clojure for a while, so you start your function (defun


I've been using gitter a bit lately, and quite like it. Did clojurians ever discuss using gitter to get around the slack 10k msg limit ?


I wonder if there could be a gitter to slack bridge. that way both could be used.


@qqq the objection is that you don't get a filtered list of channels


@qqq There's a Gitter set up for Clojure (and some of the subprojects). I believe a few open source Clojure projects have thriving Gitter communities (Onyx is one). But Gitter is very poor from a management/moderation point of view and discoverability of channels isn't great.

seancorfield16:08:08;utm_medium=link&amp;utm_campaign=share-link for folks who want to try it out (and, btw, this sort of discussion has happened repeatedly in #community-development )

seancorfield16:08:47;utm_medium=link&amp;utm_campaign=share-link (I'd forgotten CIDER was fairly active there... hmm, used to be... nowhere near as active as it once was)