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So I was in this crazy car accident yesterday. My car literally got air, like some new jack city shit. It was crazy. But nobody got hurt and both cars were able to drive away.


And I had boxes of plates and glass in the back. None of it broke.


Not new jack city. Free jack, where that guy's wheel goes on the other dudes wheel and it launches him in the air. That happened. But I didn't fly into an underpass lol


@john : glad to hear everyone was fine; description reminds me of


Yeah it was def crazy like that


I was spinning right though, about to roll over, because I launched off my left front wheel. Luckily it decided to come back down on all four wheels. Pretty softly too. Wild.


I just had a long trip down memory lane by unpacking all of by super old zip archives and came back with a nicely reconstructed overview of my life since I got my first computer..... boy has it been a ride this last decade 😆


I wonder how this would look for anyone else...


Raced SCCA Spec Racer and Porsches back in the day. Had some spins, but never launched one. Never saw one launched, but saw some other pretty wild (and scary) stuff...


When I was a teenager I launched a k5 blazer in the air. Landed on the hood and roof and slid on it's roof a good ways.


Live dangeruosly. Learn Clojure.


i shudder to think where you would be now if you were a PHP programmer, @john


@mobileink splattered on the overpass, I'd imagine 😉


or you would have had a flat tire and avoided the accident but missed your appointment.


or you would have caused a multicar pile-up woth many injuries.


any clojurians working with this?


Looked at it. Just seems like a horrible idea to me.


In the same way it's a bad idea for a company to depend on facebook for their brand. I see it as a vendor lockin play by google.


as a user, I really dislike the experience of AMP


where's the lockin? it's open source, for one, and if you look at it's mostly just recommendations for optimization, like "put all css in one style element in <head>". what's wrong with that?


@csm howso? details?


it might be bad implementations, but typically for me AMP’d paged don’t work correctly, e.g. with embedded videos, navigation


haven't used it myself, but i'm happy to piggie-back on google's investment.


@csm that's good to know. could be early version hiccups.


i don't see a prob in principle.


@john i mean, vendor lockin is pretty much unavoidable, right? use jquery? you're locked in.


And their CDN


Which is nice, as I think it's free. But nothings really free, right?


sure. there are always trade-offs.


i hate the google/amazon/fb/ms/i-forget-the-other-one cartel as much as the next guy, but for me at least google is the most open/least evil.


I get that feeling too. I'm just not sure what the benefit is. Why not just implement their prescribed optimizations in all software, generally? Why for just this Google specific delivery mechanism? And I agree with csm - AMPed pages feel brokenish to me.


your suspicions could well be correct, meybe there's some kind of "google only" stuff in amp. just looks very interesting to me. i sure don't have time to figger out the ultimate webapp optimizations!


Seems like a valuable source of guidance for web page optimization


maybe that's the way to treat it for now - cautiously, as a source of guidance.


thing is, google does not need to make money on this sort of thing. i think they could not care less if we use their AMP code or somebody else's - either way they win.


Their AMP CDN is probably a good opportunity to offload some bandwidth costs too. But I wouldn't build my business over it.


for me that's a separate issue. it's open source, you can serve it however you please.


And to that extent, yeah, I think it's probably a good idea to leverage as many good ideas and/or code from AMP that is helpful


This classic monster post touched on it, more for its hypocrisy than anything. No idea how effective it is as a tool. Certainly is no replacement for putting proper thought into design in the first place, instead of applying a shim after the fact.


@fellshard nice! just scanned it, but i love the Taft bit. but i think it might be a little unfair to AMP. at least based on the docs they have put serious thought (and $$) into web optimization. i don't think they would ever claim that using their stuff allows anybody to avoid putting proper thought into the design in the first place. just the opposite - they state quite clearly what you need to think about.


also, i don't know what you mean by "shim after the fact". that seems the exact opposite of what amp is doing, to me.