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zetcd’s promise it is that you won’t need to add zookeeper to all the services that required it. There are lots of tooling that require zookeeper, and this makes it complicated to deploy, especially if you are using containers. zetcd promises to be lightweight and easier to maintain. We are keeping an eye on it but not really jumping on that bandwagon yet because coreos has a bad reputation of abandoning projects (e.g. fleet), and that has burnt us before.


roberto: is etcd as reliable as zookeeper is?


eg. comparing the aphyr jepsen posts on zookeeper and etcd, zookeeper looks a lot better (but the etcd post is from long enough ago that it might be better now…)


Hmmm, I’m not sure. My opinions are solely based on the pain of deployment of zk in a containerized (if that is a word) environment.


Does anyone remember that Python talk where the guy was bashing Python's urllib? He was showing how tightly the HTTP parser code was coupled with the request class.