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Hi, I am currently trying to use the amazon product advertising api, this is an example Now, from time to time I get an error response that the signature of my request does not fit my request params: The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. A few seconds later the almost same request works. The only thing that changes in the params is the timestamp. Any ideas what might cause this?


sveri: Are you signing with Clojure / buddy? I am using those API’s without issue (Thus far anyway.) Are you sure the map is sorted the same in the URL and what you signed?


I think I got the error, what you said does not hit the spot exactly, but almost, I guess. I call the same function twice, once for the hash and twice for the concatenation of the actual uri. The function generates the timestamp new every time and sometimes its different, because the function calls are to "slow".


Yes, that fixed it 🙂


@sveri time sync? is your server a few seconds out of sync?


check ntp is running, all that jazz


@dominicm I dont think so, I can provide my own time + - a few hours and the api takes that as valid


It’s obvious. Gremlins. The software kind.


Hi this is off-topic because it’s about the Racket language but I figure’d people would be interested in it. I’m writing a live-coding environment (similar to #overtone) in Racket called Overscan - It’s an environment built for live video broadcasting. I just managed to make a video recording with it this morning and I’ll be doing my first live video stream using it on


wunsch: Do you have any recordings of sessions that you have saved that I could look at on YouTube?


Just my first initial test, and on vimeo:


Looks good; thanks! (Sorry for the delayed reply--have been away from Slack for a while.)