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Hi friends 🙂 WE ARE ON PRODUCT HUNT and really need your help & support as your friend to make our dream come true 🙂 If you can upvote it on producthunt i would be so happy 🙂 here is the producthunt link: Let me shortly tell you what we do: is a travel marketplace which connects travelers and locals through unique experiences/tours hosted by locals of the city. As a local, you can simply create your tour and make money & new friends by showing travelers your city. We have 4 type of gudd that you can select while creating a tour: 1) Local Guddy: Shows the hidden places of the city like museums, gardens, views etc. 2) Food Walker: Shows the best places in the city to taste local foods in walking distance. 3) Pub Crawler: Shows the night life of the city with the best pubs/clubs. 4) Hommy Chef: Cooks local homemade foods and hosts travelers for a dinner or breakfast. we have now tours in more than 25 countries! And If you would like to be a guddy as well, you can create your tour on the website 🙂 Looking forward to your support and feedback! Thank you so much in advance 🙂 Emre