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@bbqbaron “why should we take his word for it?” – Well, they shouldn't. Have a look at, including the resources, and


Folks, my euroclojure talk on “Making machines that make music" went up on youtube yesterday: 🙂 Thoughts on improvements, suggestions?


@srihari unfortunately I missed the beginning of your talk at Euroclojure, because our lunch took longer than planned. I watched the beginning of the video though. 🙂 I liked the structure of your talk, and it's good you spent time explaining the elements of the music you're trying to create. It was also fun to see how you got closer to a good step-by-step


You're a good presenter too. It was easy to listen to you. Maybe there was a bit too much content though..? I'm not sure. At places it felt like you're in a hurry.


Hi, I have a question, but need to explain a bit before asking it. We, Russians and Ukrainians often use an informal word with the meaning “make something weird and magical to make it work”, actually we can use this word “for common technical actions” too when we want a “sarcasm” sound:)… This word is derived from the “shamanism” word… You know shamans use special kind of “frame drum” to call spirits to help them… So sometimes, when “code or program does not work” we say “we need to play with frame drums so it starts to work”, or simply we say something like “we need TO SHAMANIZE on this”… something like this:) Actually I can’t find the way to build a “verb” in english based on “shamanism” noun… So my question is: Do you guys (native English speakers) have some similar informal word in English? It may have other origin, not “shamanism”, but similar meaning 🙂


There are a few English terms with meanings like that (depending on what exact connotations you mean). Two to consider are “voodoo programming” ( and “waving a dead chicken over it” ( Those two pages will have links to other, related terms.


Which is pretty close to the 'shamanism' context 😉