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Has anyone experience with ClearChat, Semaphor, or Balboa?


clojurians, what do you find is your highest-leverage lead for jobs? my public profile is sorely lacking. i think that i have a lot to offer a clojure shop (among others), but i don’t feel confident that a prospective employer can tell. not enough OSS work, not enough blogging presence, etc etc. what are your impressions of what i should prioritize with my spare time?


@bbqbaron I am not sure how things work wherever you live, but here in germany I had two interviewer rounds. One for a senior position and one for a junior position. Almost none of them did some OSS stuff or whatever in their spare time. Only one guy was playing around with the spring framework. Do you have any kind of degree?


sadly, i don’t. i’m just a very tenacious self-teacher with an increasing passion for functional programming in particular.


Ok, I dont have any experience with that, sadly. Thats the other side, none of the guys that applied had no degree.


i do, for what it’s worth, have a verifiable record of success at the jobs i’ve had; i just haven’t had enough of them, for long enough, to make me a snap-hire on their own.


yes, i do see the conundrum; “why should we take his word for it?” very perplexing.


thank you for answering, though; much appreciated


Well, if you do have such a record I would take a look if the technology fits our stack 🙂


that would be fantastic! i’ll message you.