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The foundation is as it's written: “our moral intuition that morality should make a difference to the real world, and that we should care about other people” The author later says: “Moral intuitions are important because unless you are a very specific type of philosopher they are the only reason you believe morality exists at all.” The thing is that we can't completely rely on our moral intuitions, just as we can't rely completely on our natural thought processes, because our minds are biased and inconsistent in all sorts of ways. So that's why we need a moral system to make decisions which, even years after and with a lot more experience and consideration, still appear right.


i feel like a channel called off-topic has a paradox problem


which is off the current topic and therefore satisfyingly meta, sorry—carry on


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@fellshard Are humans inherently moral? Well, suppose someone told you that no morality exists, that the external foundation of morality was killed. Would you start stealing your bread from the bakery? Would you start throwing stones at birds and throwing cats in the water? Would you pass by the little child playing next to a busy motorway? There's the parable of Hrogmorph, Slayer of Men, in the FAQ that answers a similar question.


Could I get someone with a account to send me an invite? They're doing a 30% off for you and invitee discount and I 'd like to pickup "Web Development with Clojure".


@zcassini sure, pm me your email address


Has anyone used the AnalyzingSuggester from Lucene who I can ask something?


@hypirion Hey, I just saw you commented on a issue at halite 🙂 Anyone else here playing halite?