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@maneko The PHP version cracked me up


so, it’s 2016 and we need to do centralised logging — and I’ve got my eyes on Riemann. anyone is familiar with that, and how it compares to other solutions (like Logstash, for example) ?


Imergen, We use Riemann for monitoring (with the aggregated events forwarded to datadog for charts and alerts) and it works pretty well for real time monitoring of distributed systems. So if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s pretty good. If you’re looking more for forensics type logging, you might be able to get it to work, but it will fight you most of the way through compared to something like logstash (or a commercial service like logentries)


that guy has no idea about what lisp is, but the others are somehow accurate 😄


That's the easiest (read: only) thing most folks know about Lisp, so it's the one that gets made fun of. 😛


@vandr0iy But you have to consider that the lisp guy there is the only one besides the C guy who got the princess at all (although I am not sure whether he really wanted her on his back)...


> Yeah, all that is great - but what is this "it" about Lisp that is so wonderful and powerful and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? (We know it's not faster than a speeding bullet.) What is "it" that Lisp is the "right answer" to? > [[ Programming. ]]


Is there any channel here dedicated to mathematics where programmers could/do exchange math problems and solutions using clojure?


@hlolli if you create one I'll join 🙂


Are 2 enough for a tango?


I cant see any channel for #algebra #calculus or #algorithms, so a name bewteen #math or #mathematics I would suggest.


Does anyone have any opinions on the java.nio Filesystem abstraction?


I see the utility in such a thing, but as with so many things given by the jdk, the actual api seems… daunting? Weirdly implemented? Not obvious?


This looks interesting - looked into once for non blocking io


Yeah, those are very handy for interop with ByteBuffers, etc. but pay no attention to the Filesystem or Path abstractions, which is what I’m trying to decide how I feel about atm


There's this thing, but I don't know if it is any good (also seems to come as a giant ball of mud):


@zcaudate also has a nice NIO wrapper which is the result of some thought around more complex operations on files