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I'm beginning to sour on emacs, a bit. I never thought I would say that. I've been using emacs for- actually twenty years, this past January.


I'll probably keep using it for anything Lisp or Clojure related, but....


I spent an entire day trying to get web-mode to deal properly with jsx/es6, etc. and wound up completely failing.


I know the answer to this is- write it yourself, but...


Not very practical when you need to write code for something new, right now. I wound up setting up sublime with eslint, etc, which took an hour, and then spending most of a day fixing formatting issues in what I had written in emacs.


@amashi I use the Jetbrains products when I’m doing CSS/HTML/JS stuff. I made the mistake of trying them out for a project and I got hooked 🙂. The vim plugin isn’t nearly as good as evil-mode, but the editor sure does understand code.


@caleb: I noticed recently that IntelliJ is pretty good when typing in html


I am using cursive on ubuntu 16.04, am having problems defining custom keybindings... it does not let me edit the keybindings list... do you have any idea on how to fix this?


@gborghi, might want to ask in the #C0744GXCJ or #C050AN6QW channels.


I just noticed that the colouring of Clojure's logo encompasses the struggle between the Enlightened and Resistance very well. 😀


If you could choose a side today, would you prefer to be a smurf or a frog?