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deep thought: are all topics on-topic for #C03RZGPG3 or are only certain topics on-topic for #C03RZGPG3? or if a topic is clearly not off-topic for Clojure, then, and only then, is it off-topic for #C03RZGPG3? is this very message of mine off-topic? I'll shutup now...


why everything so complicated


@ilukinov The upside of it is that project maintainers don't need to update their every time they update their project (the image will automatically show the new version); the downside is what you mentioned.


Some boot users do something where they string/replace on their readme the old version, and replace it with the new one on deployment.


Hi, anyone interested to try out my Slack integration for VersionEye(lein-ancient as service) - it’s still “hack”, but it already allows to search clojure packages and see outdated projects.