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I didn't understand Alan's point at all in that discussion. He seems to think objects are better? I feel like he has a vision, and I can't see what he's trying to suggest


Same here, I didn't quite understand his point and it indeed seemed like he thinks objects are better! (which, btw, I don't agree nor disagree, I just didn't get his point)


@yogidevbear I've got about the same connection speed. We're in this together. ;3;


Honestly I think it was worse for him to have written 'What if "data" is a really bad idea?' than if he had simply not responded. That is practically flamebait and Rich Hickey was completely justified in asking for clarification, and it seems like Alan Kay's further responses were either cryptic or patronizing. I'm guessing Rich Hickey felt as such because he simply dropped out at a certain point. Not a very interesting conversation in the end.


Oh excuse me, I only just saw this comment, guess Rich kept fighting the good fight:


seems like alan kay and his ilk are just trolling rich hickey