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@jbm: more some "don't go there" recommendations: Don't use JSF, don't use Wicket, obviously don't use Struts/Struts2 as they died 10 years ago. I've heard decent things about Play2 although most of the org's I know using it are using Scala. The one with the most support and the most developers (and the one I have most experience with) is Spring MVC. It does the job but there is a lot to it. I would look at Spring Boot to get started with it too.


I don't have a lot of experience with Java frameworks, since my first JVM language was Clojure (apart from learning Java at uni). I did use Struts2 which isn't horrible, but not widely used. And Play 2, which I found quite good.


Heard good things about Ratpack. Would probably try that also.


i think i'll start out by checking out Play 2 and Spring Boot in more detail


@jbm looking for jobs here in germany the spring stack is generally more asked than the play2 framework, from my experience


Anyone here from France?


that seems to be the case in the US too


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a repl profile lured me into dependency madness again