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@sveri: good news is that chomsky is a hack 🙂


@bojan.matic: are you joking? If not, how do you mean that?


yeah... Chomsky. good when it's about formal languages, take him with a grain of salt when it's about politics


although that headline is pretty much stating the obvious


chomsky’s political views are very naive


> My linguistics professor in university used to explain to us that Chomsky's linguistics was sectarian and crazy but his politics were brilliant. Then my political science professor used to explain that Chomsky's politics were crazy and sectarian but his linguistics was brilliant. This is how I got a good education. More people should get such an education today.


I dont care about politics much, what I care about are the implications of climate change for instance. I live in Leipzig / Germany which is very close to Dresden (not sure if you heard of it). Where a right wing / political movement is very much on the rise which results in right wing idiots starting to menace my family personally. So, for these people here it is not about politics either, but more a question a bout how to deal with these problems without leaving people behind. And by people I mean migrating ones as well as the poor in the so called "modern societies"...