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@tesseract: though may appear unintuitive to start with, will improve your productivity in the long run (just my experience, there are opinions both ways). so I'd suggest learning and using structural editing (aka paredit)


ugh the first day of intellij was pretty hard 😄


@doddenino: It gets better. simple_smile


I'm on a Windows 10 laptop with 8 gigs of RAM. I need to evaluate various chat clients for Android and iOS. Any recommendations for an emulator to do such a thing? I don't need to do any development, I just need fast response time.


@moizsj: I am sure once I am used to it it will be helpful. I’ll have to wait to judge whether or not its productivity is so much more amazing than a simple text editor.


@meow: for android at least, there's an x86 vm for android. don't know if you can really use it for that purpose though.


I installed Andy OS, which lets you access the store, then installed one chat app and it works, but the font is so small I can barely read it. Need to figure out how to increase it ouside of Android. I've got it maxed out in Android. "Huge" it is not, at least not on this laptop.


@meow: nothing matches to actually try it on the device itself


Is structural editing like when parentheses and brackets are automatically matched? If so, that not only doesn't bother me, but I find it critical