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this looks amazing, wish I could go:


@nashio: Emacs has a great workflow once you get set up and learn the contorting key binding combinations but learning curve is steep. I foolishly learned emacs and Clojure at same time...lucky I'm stubborn as this took months and was painful. Glad I did it now as I'm hugely productive and use emacs for almost everything from organising my day, meeting, presentations, editing, etc. BUT if your learning Clojure start with something you're comfortable with. IMHO must have's are structural editing, REPL evaluation of source. From what I hear Cursive is a good place to start. Personally although I have to use Intellij IDEA in my dayjob for Java I never got on with Cursive.


@agile_geek: thx, what do you mean with structural editing though?


@nashio: paredit or smartparens, etc. that ensure parens remain balanced and let you move blocks of code around.


Slurping and barfing code in and out of parens, etc.


you can also get on slack with emacs 😆


afaik Cursive has support for paredit


cursive will have support for parinfer soon


also check out #C0GCNE3B3 for an atom-based bit of brilliance