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eyelidlessness 00:04:22

honestly i've found discord's UI less than ideal. but otoh i don't particularly care for slack's either.

jonahbenton 00:21:28

i haven't seen hipchat mentioned. Pluses and minuses to everything but Atlassian isn't going anywhere and they have other revenue streams. Given their historic friendliness to open source projects- and they use Clojure some internally, I believe- they may be inclined to support a large community on a public hipchat.

jaen 00:37:50

Well, if discord's UI is less than ideal then hipchat's is downright awful IMHO.

gfredericks 01:07:42

write an open-source replacement using clj[s]+datomic

gfredericks 01:11:52

oh I didn't even notice that idea was already on the wiki page

jonahbenton 01:14:09

Sure, am not saying it isn't. In the context where Slack decides to block growth of this community, is it bad enough to prevent a productive community from reforming there? It should also get better now that there is real competition- Atlassian is incentivized to improve the experience and has a long history of support for and adaptation to open source community needs. Also, to the earlier conversation, the state of play is empirical evidence that it's pretty hard to do this really well- all power to those who have the energy to contribute, but in the interim, if Slack decides to take its toys away, may be worth exploring that option

esnunes 01:28:18

completely off-topic question, I'm from brazil and I was reading an article when I encountered the expression "I hope for there", can some native speaker explain the meaning of this expression? is it something like: "I expect ..."?

mark4carter 01:29:34

I haven't heard that expression, not where I'm from atleast

tmtwd 01:29:38

I hope for there isn’t really a complete phrase

tmtwd 01:30:22

I hope, is like I wish

gfredericks 01:30:32

esnunes: if there's any context to it that might help

esnunes 01:32:24

I was googling it and I found a phrase "I'm agnostic, but I hope for there to be a Heaven or other afterlife"

jonahbenton 01:32:57

yeah, usually it's "I hope for there to be...". It's in the "subjective mood"

jonahbenton 01:33:30

subjunctive, sorry

akiva 01:34:43

Yep. It basically means ‘I hope there is’ or ‘I hope there will be’.

esnunes 01:35:12

thanks guys and sorry to bother you with that :simple_smile:

gfredericks 01:38:15

the "to be" is part of the phrase though

akiva 01:39:51

Right but it really isn’t grammatically necessary. ‘I hope there to be a new season of my favorite TV show’ is the same as ‘I hope there will be a new season of my favorite TV show.'