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I kind of agree with @jaen. Statically typed languages are great tools for expressing the solution to a problem, but I prefer dynamically typed languages for finding the solution to a problem. What I love about Lisp is that it is the closest thing I have found to using a computer as a seamless extension of my mind when solving difficult problems.


In an ideal world, I would probably initially write all non-trivial programs in Clojure or Common Lisp, and then rewrite them in something like Haskell when I was happy with the solution. In practice, there is never time for the second step.


@tord Exactly what I thought recently: Lisp (Clojure) is excellent for prototyping, but the prototype is usually good/fast enough to not rewrite it


Haskell has 'loop fusion' so it's not clear what the big benefit to transducers is there.


Has there ever been any talk of upgrading to a paid account for Clojurians so we can access more message history?


@maackle, last I heard was that the cost was prohibitive due to the sheer number of people plugged into this thing.


ah I didn’t notice that it’s per-user


There is some logging going on at, however.


That is helpful. I was looking for some private messages though