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Oh, that took a while.


Ah, no it didnt’?


anyone using desktop slack client under linux? I've installed it just recently and can't find a way to minimize the window to tray. Anyone else experiences that issue?


what was that git meme that circulated on twitter recently


@tony.kay: @borkdude : I remember doing Scala class live reload in REPL a few years ago. The JRebel SO answer was just what I happened to turn up when Googling for it (but wasn't involved when I did it successfully). There's probably more than one way to do it (or at least was at that time).


@zoldar: which Desktop Environment?


There is an option in the settings to go to the tray when the window closes


@gjnoonan: it's MATE, but I also use Xmonad. I will have to check if the latter one does not interfere somehow. I have the option selected but have no way to close window - there's only "Quit" action


I'm an Xmonad user myself simple_smile although I've been trying out DWM lately


Yay for xmonad, without it I would probably still use windows and don't know what functional programming is : V


@jaen: ironically, I know next to nothing about Haskell 😉


I don't know all that much Haskell either. I couldn't write a full-fledged application in it to save my life, like I could in Clojure. Simple algorithms, xmonad configs - sure, but something more complex than that? Not really. I was just to lazy to invest time into learning all that monadology, even though I think having a strong static type system is the best thing since slice bread.


So it's quite platonic over here as well ; d


A clojure based WM in a similar vein to StumpWM would be cool simple_smile


Clojure is probably a bit too heavyweight to drive a WM. But Clojurescript or pixie would be nice.


Oh my, that's a bit insane D :


was thinking more of a proof on concept


But totally lends credence to the saying that "emacs is a great operating system but lacks a decent text editor" ; d


Thats's where spacemacs comes in, it put's VIM there for the decent text editor part (well that's evil mode, but let's not split hairs)


Yeah, vim's approach to text editing is great and I've heard good things about spacemacs, but by now Cursive has already won me over (mainly with the debugger)


Colin has done some great work on Cursive. but even in cursive I use VIM emulation mode, but thats after a couple of decades of being a vim user, muscle memory etc .. Also I personally don't think there is any more efficient way to edit text, than what vi(m) provides.


My main editor for a few months has been Spacemacs though, but that is mainly because of org-mode, and I have been getting more into literate programming. Which is great with Org