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@kidpollo: @gjnoonan : surely the lower the amount of time spent to deliver the same value is really productivity so shouldn't they invert the leaderboard?

Pablo Fernandez16:08:38

It can be a useful measure if you are not gaming it. For example, when I was having trouble procrastinating, tracking reddit vs text editor time was useful to keep myself in check.

Pablo Fernandez16:08:10

lucien.knechtli: I’d say (apply face keyboard)


That implies that face is a function, which I'm not so sure about.

Pablo Fernandez16:08:13

True. But (+ face keyboard) implies commutability, and (+ keyboard face) shouldn’t have the same result.


I dunno about that. Physics says it doesn't matter which one is stationary as long as the same force is applied.


But that assumes no side effects obviously.