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Anyone seen Ant Man yet..?


(this is off-topic, right?)


@maleghast: I saw it on Saturday. It was OK, not great, but OK. Not quite on the level of the other Marvel action movies.


I thought you were referring to me - I still build with Ant.


I loved it, but would have to concede it’s not on the same level as The Avengers etc. @colin.yates


I enjoyed the movie. I think that being different from the other Marvel movies is what makes it better.


@cfleming: It doesn’t mean you aren’t still a super hero (Ant - really? Really? Maybe super villain is more appropriate) 😉


Ant is great simple_smile


it reminded me of the newer Spiderman movies. Not as ‘big’ or flashy as the other action movies.


It meets my absolute #1 requirement for a build tool - every time I run it, it does the same thing.


I remember when I worked with SpringSource, one of the consultants there just point blank refused to move away from Ant. “Cold dead hands” was mentioned.


I used to love the ‘declarative’ models (maven, leiningen etc.) but there is always just that one little edge case which you can’t quite configure it for… Did you ever look at gradle?


Not really, no.


I mean, Ant is just not that bad.


I could read 60 pages of doc and suck up a bunch of bugs, just to get to what I have now.


IntelliJ supports Ant nicely, apparently the Gradle support is flakey.


If I’m going to go through that pain, I’ll try boot.


But even that is reeeeeeallly low priority.


sure. I’m not sure how relevant gradle is now. I remember a bunch of years back though that there was a big outcry of ‘maven - no’ and everybody got allergic to XML when gradle emerged it was a nice alternative. More imperative than declarative. It was OK at the time.


Well, it’ll be around for a while since Android Studio uses it.


Talk about a conversation shooting over my head… I know about Leiningen, enough to use it not deep knowledge, the rest of the Java Ecosystem tools for such matters leave me cold...


@maleghast; If you are looking for a Clojure build tool then I think conventional wisdom would be to stick with lein or boot, or maybe there is more sway towards boot? If they are unknown to you then, for the love of all that is good and sane go near maven or ant 😉


@colin.yates: I'd say gradle is very relevant nowadays, given that is is the build tool shipped with Android dev environment. I've worked with teams that were very happing using it (and that was pre 1.0). Also, in the area of continuous delivery many people seem to use it.


@ska Good to know. I haven’t kept up with Android development at all, yet another on the TODO list.


one nice feature of gradle is the idea of wrapper script. People without it just need to call the build commands via this wrapper. It will download and install gradle itself, then execute the command normally.


a nice thing to have when you need to document build processes for people that don't have (much) knowledge about the platform

Pablo Fernandez21:07:36

Oh geez… a customer from United Arab Emirates is asking me to remove Israel from the list of countries of my product or they wouldn’t use it.


What do you mean by “countries of your product”?