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Wanna an emacs plugin for slack simple_smile


I want cursive plugin for slack


Just watched Terminator: Genisys, and it got me thinking. All their problems arise from the fact that their implementation of time is mutable. If time was a persistent data structure, both Skynet and John Connor could pick a value they like and be happy with it.


was the movie any good @val_waeselynck? recommend it?


Not great but overall satisfied. I really don't like Jai Courtney, otherwise all the butt-kicking you'd expect and some nice humoristic references to the older episodes. Anyway, it's a Terminator, so it's unthinkable to me not to go and watch it simple_smile


Terminator is really a great concurrency case study, introducing both race conditions and callback hell


@val_waeselynck I just hurt my head thinking of time travel. I think it really comes down to this - when time travel happens, it's a bit like having unsanitized data in your program evaluated as code, and since nothing's checking for consistency, you end up with a heck of a headache trying to figure out how the current state came to be when someone names their child bobby'); drop table children;


I've always wonder, even if the Terminator does kill Sarah Connor in the past, what's going to happen to the guys in the future who just destroyed Skynet and are sitting in front of the time machine


@lucien.knechtli: but what does 'current' mean? ^^


well there's two ways to look at it - either the universe can be modeled as a state machine, in which case current would be the state at any step along its execution


or the universe can be represented by a single data structure as time / execution has no meaning, and "current" doesn't actually mean anything because there is nothing to process state


ok my head hurts even more now


We need some time to hammock-process this


the whole point of terminators is to put time in an inconsistent state through mutation.


does it matter if the beach and piña colada you think you're sipping on said hammock actually exist? or if your perception of the universe is simply a moving reference with no real consequence?


terminator - a java programmer's worst nightmare


Gotta go. That was fun.


maybe next time, the powers that be will stick with haskell.


next episode will be: how terminators can affect version control